Chiaki’s New MV Left Me Unable to Create a Title for This Post

Things around the Idolverse are starting to warm up a little bit, my friends, or at least I hope so. It is, after all, now practically March, which means that spring releases need to be announced and promoted, and no longer the midwinter doldrums that apparently are only good for gut-wrenching heartbreak. But though I’ve been slow the uptake, there are some good things moving around now, and good music, and even some by-the-gods debuts worth talking about.

The very first thing, though, is new in the sense that it’s very forward-looking, but also not new at all in that we’re talking about a veteran here, and who we’re talking about is Chiaki Mayumura, who is a goddess made flesh and given voice, and I implore you to take all the time you need with this one, because it gets better the more time you spend with it:


This is from Chiaki’s major debut album, out in May. Talk about learning about a performer at just the right time!

I don’t always love everything in idol, but man, I feel really fortunate to have been introduced to Chiaki and privy to her burgeoning career. There’s just the perfect amount of good and fun and weird in her to make any appreciator of the creative arts happy.