For that handful of us that gets irrationally excited every time NEO JAPONISM does something cool and good (for instance right here), this latest stumble-upon of their legitimately impressive, never-disappointing work is really one to pay attention to. Yes, it’s a deviation from what we’re used to from them; yes, at that same time it’s arguably the best thing they’ve put out, and that’s really saying something. Listen to this!


This is just the first entry in a six-day marathon of content drops. I’m kind of annoyed at myself for missing the first few days, in fact, given that this all happened on Friday and the thereafter is littered with excellent live MVs from their Christmas Eve show at Shinjuku Blaze:

What else are we going to get? Whatever it is, it’ll be a treat, and I’ll continue to kick myself for not pushing this always-rising group harder as a real breakout candidate for 2019. Everything they do is at minimum good and often outsizedly impressive.