Yeah, mikicco, You Kick That Song’s Ass

I wish that I had more time to do this song justice, but I don’t, so we’re going shortform and let’s deal with the aftermath later, and also structure sentences so as not to stomp all over the idol’s preferred name rendering.

You remember mikicco, right? Mikitsuko Mikikko. Solo indie idol, pretty good at her craft, doesn’t do a ton of releases and that’s fine, what she does release is good? She has a brand-new MV, and in fact a couple of them, but let’s start with today!

She also posted this one about a month ago:

All of this for a new CD:

Because I am nothing if not an encourager of people embracing the idol live experience, here you go:

I’ve always been a real admirer of this girl, and I hope that this flurry is her taking a bigger step out. She has the talent to make it work.