We (Blind!) Review Stuff- Gokitei’s MV for “Iketara Iku”

Whoops! This article came a bit late. Well, Maniac took the wheel for me last time Gokigen Teikoku released a music video, so really I have no excuse, let’s just watch it.

Since we, at Homicidols, believe it is always good to challenge your horizons, we put Papermaiden on the Gokigen Teikoku MV review this time. 

Her impressions after the cut

I have been aware of Gokitei for a while now. This idol group, who are now self-produced, are blessing to the Chika idol scene when it comes to entertainment. Remember, they were the idol group who broke up with their management to self-produce. They have a regularly updated YouTube channel! Their leader, Ichiho, became the chairman of her own record label and they sell garbage (literally!) and cosplay as fidget spinners. If that’s not exciting I don’t know what is!

However, due to limited time and energy, I have never paid close attention to them. I have seen this MV where they eat Yakiniku once or twice. since it’s been released almost two whole years ago. I was not especially in love with them, so I decided to focus on my own underdog groups that I would die for.

This song might change this. I feel a little starstruck, to be honest.
Statistically, I’m pleased to announce from my insignificantly small sample that 100% of the Gokigen Teikoku MV I have seen have shots of the members drinking beer and where they wear black t-shirts with the title of the song on them.

Gokitei seems to have a knack for editing, producing the kind of MV that looks inexpensive without looking cheap. The mix of live shots (Please give the name of your videographer and video editor to other idol groups, the footage is really good) and casual walk in the city make for a dynamic MV begging to join your exercising playlist.

The choreography is fun, the vocals are powerful. If you are into Hello!Project or early 2000s Jpop, I have a feeling you’ll like the hyped-up electronic instrumental. If I had to compare this song to another group, I would say it’s like the sour pendant of Cy8er’s sweet sweet dreamy club music. It definitely has more bite, and I’m into it.

Four bleeding hearts out of 5 and a note to self that I need to make them to see them live whenever next possible.