Kodomochan’s Crowdfunding Success Means We all Win

With a strong closing week to their Campfire campaign, 2018 Corenament defending champion Minna no Kodomochan hit 100% of their all-or-nothing fundraising goal with just two-and-a-half days to go.  This means that Everyone’s Children will now bless us all with a new song for each of the next five months and follow that up with a 15-date, Japan-wide tour. 

They immediately celebrated their campaign’s success by releasing a dance MV for “Shoujo A”.

Is this donation tax deductible?

This happy news was far from certain just one week ago when their campaign goal was hovering at around 65%. Since then, the relatively reclusive idols who carry figurative walls on their backs have conducted an all-out PR push with daily broadcasts live on YouTube and Line Live. They also released an eight-minute mini-documentary about how Cinnamon and Honoka first met and their thoughts about the group. It has English subtitles:

Did I mention it was subtitled in English?

If that wasn’t enough to hand over all of your money, they even snagged some time on Yunika Vision.


Now that they have reached 100% of their initial Campfire campaign, Kodomochan have  announced that if they raise an additional ¥500,000 in the next two days, they will also produce a new MV. If you would like to help them reach this stretch goal, there are still a couple of days to contribute. If you are outside of Japan, you can donate using a Japanese mailing address like Tenso and PayPal.

Also, if you are still wondering who will receive an in-home performance as a benefit from their limited edition World Without Walls CDs, they are waiting to announce the winner until every last copy has been sold and there are still a few available at HMV&Books Online.