Adventures in Pour Lui’s YouTube Dungeon #8

Previously on PuuTube
Lots of makeover montages.
Tentenko slaps Uika’s new boobs to funky music.

Episode 40: Dance In Your Pants

Oh, you thought the “First Summer Uika’s Magical Expanding Boobies And Bum Bum” episode from last week was cursed? Just wait until you see everyone put panties on their heads hands-free!

Episode 41: I got Puu Babe

“Non-chan, why are you so sad?” asked Megumi, concerned. “Did you have another nightmare about Saki in ganguro getup?”

“Not just that,” Nozomi weeped “I’ve got chronic flatulence!” -toot-

“Phew!” Megumi’s face contorted as she attempted to wave the toxic gas in the direction of Saki and Lui.

“Also, I think I’m stuck in a Groundhog Day loop!”prrp

“Wait, what?” spat Saki as she sprayed Febreeze around the dungeon.

Pour Lui smirked. “A Groundhog Day loop, eh? Now that’s something I can exploit for PuuTube views!”

“Non-chan, please explain! And try to hold in your farts while you do so!” urged Megumi.

“Well …” Nozomi’s eyes glazed off into the distance. “Let me tell you about the past couple of days …”

Episode 42: Kamammary Saki

Tentenko and Megumi had taken Nozomi for a walk in the fresh air until her flatulence slowed down to a reasonable level, leaving the other three girls to “De-Nonify” the smelly dungeon.

“Uipon, how do you do it?” Saki pried.

Uika was carrying further cases of Febreeze into the dungeon. “Do what?”

“Your tiddies! How do they grow like that?” Saki exclaimed, gesturing towards Uika’s magical chest.

“Aah. You weren’t there for the zozo suit episode. Of course.”

“Well? Where is this magical zozo suit that you speak of?” Saki pleaded, shaking Uika by the shoulders. “Come on, I need to impress my new girlfriend!”

“Isn’t Bacchiin like 8? Seriously, Saki, find someone your own age, I’m worried,” Puu quipped. “Anyway, the zozo suit is gone. The Momoses put it in the trash compactor to keep us from making any more cursed videos.”

Saki dropped to her knees in desperation. “There’s got to be something you can do!”

Uika pulled out her makeup bag. “Well …”

Episode 43: The Intervention

“Is it safe yet?” Megumi shouted from outside.

“It’s safe,” Uika responded. “We’ve Febreezed the hell out of the dungeon. Is Non-chan safe yet?”

“I’m okay,” Non called. “I’m only farting once every two minutes now.”

“Well, I guess you can just sit by the door so that the smell goes straight outside,” Pour Lui assented. “Come in.”

“Why don’t we just open this window?” asked Saki, as she attempted to open the curtains behind her.

Fast as a grasshopper, Pour Lui leaped over and slapped Saki’s hand away! “Sit back down, bald bitch! No-one touches my curtains!”

Tentenko waved her hand in the direction of the curtain “Oh, I broke the lock on that thing last month. I was trying to record window lock sounds to use on my next CD-R. Sorry about that.”

Uika guided Saki towards the door. “Say, Saki-chan. You’re good at repairing locks, aren’t you?”

“Not really?”

“Why don’t you go outside and see if you can fix this issue?”

Saki’s brows furrowed in confusion. “Can’t I just do that here? The window opens from indoors, right?”

“But what about Puu’s curtains?” piped Nozomi.

“Right, right, the curtains. Well, Tenko, why don’t you show me what happened?” Saki was only becoming more baffled, but felt reluctant to argue.

Tentenko shook her head. “Oh no, see, Puu banned me from ever touching her windows ever again. You’re on you’re own, buddy.”

“Um .. okay…” muttered a reluctant Saki. She passed her cat ear headband to Megumi. “Look after this for me? You can wear it if you want.”

“Yay!” Megumi grinned, immediately pulling the ears over her head.

Uika closed the door behind Saki. “Okay, now that she’s gone, let’s discuss how we’re going to do this intervention!”

“Right” Pour Lui handed out whiteboards and pens. “Saki’s taste for JK has gotten out of control! I hear she’s even got her eye on some of the WAggs! We need to get her interested in adults again before she ends up having an awkward meeting with Chris Hansen! Let’s get to brainstorming!”

Episode 43.5: This is where the YouTube Rival Of The Week would normally go

Later, at Okosama Pureto’s Youtube Dungeon …

Why, it’s a YouTube idol crossover episode!

Episode 44: Puu Are My Rose

“How’s work today?” asked Okosama’s Shyuga.

“Oh, pretty good,” Pour Lui answered, unenthusiastically. “I wrote a new song for my idol group. We make a lot of money.”

“What idol group?”

“I can’t tell you, its confidential”

“Aw, come on, BiS or BILLIE IDLE? What about SAiNT SEX?”

“No, I can’t. Anyway, how’s your sex life?”

Episode 44.5: Raise Your Bag

“Well, that was awkward,” Shyuga said, sheepishly.

Puu sighed, disappointed “I know, I really hoped the cheesy RnB music would play during Non and Nopi’s sex scene”

“How about we all drink to forget this incident ever happened?”

Episode 45: Don’t Trust The Bald B— In The Dungeon

The entire dungeon groaned as the Pouverlord pulled out an all-too-familiar box.

“Card games again?” whined Nozomi.

“Look, we need to find a way for us all to build our trust up again after Saki attacked Megumi during her intervention. Card games and pop quizzes are the only way I know how,” Pour Lui insisted.

Uika raised her hand. “Why don’t we just do another nudie Playboy shoot, that seemed to work last time.”

Tentenko slammed her firsts on the table. “You promised we’d never bring up the Playboy incident again!” she roared, making Megumi flinch.

“Non-chan, please swap seats with me, I don’t feel safe being between Tenko and Saki,” she squeaked.

Nozomi shook her head. “Sorry, no can do, until my ‘condition’ is 100 percent cured, I have to sit by the door.”

Episode 46: Test Of Love

“Okay, well clearly card games did nothing to help Megumi with her trust issues.” Pour Lui gestured to the corner of the dungeon where she and Saki sat:

“So let’s all take a compatibility test to prove that everyone in this room is BFFs for life!”

“Is it bad that I’m actually starting to miss when we were merely Puu’s prisoners? It was a simpler time,” Nozomi thought to herself.

Will Megumi ever learn to trust Saki again?
Will BYS ever have a successful intervention?
Will Nozomi be cured of her flatulence before the fart jokes grow even older?
How long will it take for me to actually finish one of these next time round?
Find out next time on “To Catch A Kamiya!”