Your Homicidols Weekender #85

Hello friends! Welcome back to yet another Saturday. I hope you had a great week — personally, I had an exhausting, frustrating, hair-pulling-out, too-busy-to-think one, and it was amazing. And now it’s that special time of year when DC’s summertime switches from “oh jeez it’s hot and also quite humid” to “a heat index around 110 is no big deal, you baby,” which only leaves “the surface of Venus” as a more uncomfortable possibility, at least in the known universe. Ergo, I’m looking forward to lots of yard work, because tomorrow’s going to be even worse! Afterwards, though, I’m going to go drink some nice cold beers and hide from the light. It’s the American WayTM!

I shan’t implore you to do anything stupid or dangerous out there — you do you. Find cool things. Enjoy them. Play games with your friends. Other than the below, continue to ignore idol, as you can be doing other things with your time. Well, the below and anything else that I decide to post in the early hours while I’m awake but not yet feeling like punishing my body. Also, play the Fun, which is again excellent. And maybe think a little bit about who you’re going to support in Queen of the Scene, which will, I think, be in a couple of weeks.

Is It Really That Hot Out?

Party on outside with Attain Music:

Just being near HAMIDASYSTEM must be magical … as we’ll be seeing shortly!

This Payrin’s album art, though:

If you wanted to see the fancy BiSH live video:

Also, they have a guitar:


Again, I try to keep things positive around here; again, though, very bad things sometimes just need to be called very bad things:

Imagine my disappointment at this being what IVOLVE teased ahead of their one-man tomorrow:

Candy GO!GO! with a new song perfect for our modern era:

Hey, Ayumi, I know people there!

But while we’re on the topic of ayumikurikamaki, let’s acknowledge that they’re basically the summer made flesh:

Now, that clip is from a festival put on by Team Syachihoko, which also included Up Up Girls, Babyraids Japan and … ASTROMATE:

Just a quick reminder that KOTO is basically the best at what she does:

I sometimes wish that I could retreat into a bubble of sora tob sakana goodness:

Well, I was looking forward to that 969 album …

Here’s the new Hakuchumu:

One of Force, who used to be Atelier di Marionette, released this short video a while back and desperately need to get more popularity:

I have absolutely no idea what this Desu.Rabbits video is about:

Can somebody with better Japanese skills please explain what this JyuJyu crowdfunding thing is about?

Toricago has a new MIX:

I thought, just for giggles, that I’d toss in this MIGMA SHELTER live, really see how you guys are doing with that:


Have a wild weekend!

Surprise EP release!

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  1. JyuJyu did a crowdfund for their own computer / mobile game, where the members will voice themselves.

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