It’s worth missing some sleep over the new Zenkimi

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da is finally back from their hiatus, with 3 new members. With the recent Mashiro departure and the pre-hiatus graduation of Yotsu and Akebono, many speculated that the group would be in bad shape. Rest assured their fearless leader did a great job reining in the new recruits.

Let’s discuss their first offering, Insomnia!

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We Review Things: Yukueshirezutsurezure | Paradox Soar

It’s been long awaited. Yukueshirezutsurezure (aka Not Secured, Loose Ends) has spent a lot of time in the studio re-recording songs with the current lineup, leading to BrightDark and DarkBright. But with Paradox Soar, they prove it wasn’t reheating old content for the sake of nostalgia: the unit was being developed under the character of Mei Yui Mei’s leadership, voices were being seasoned and the good stuff was coming.

Paradox Soar, the group’s third full album, has sixteen tracks on its sole edition,  which includes all of the members’ solo songs. The twelve songs with the whole group are split equally between their single releases (including B-sides) and 6 new songs. As a whole, the album covers a wide range of territory that Tsurezure hasn’t delved into before.

There was so much to cover that Papermaiden and DAEMON had to join forces to write this review.

Let’s get into it!
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Success is in the stars for ORiYON and their first original song

After teasing it with member photos released over the past week, extraordinary French WACK cover group ORiYON just released their first original song and MV. And boy oh boy are they not messing around.

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Wishes do come true: New Yukueshirezutsurezure MV

Today was a good day for fans of the blue, melancholic idol unit of Codomomental. While they announced their third album and its release dans (August 26!) a while back, they only just released its title, paradox soar, and its track list.

The new studio album contains five new songs, their recent singles as well as the solo songs of all members. Hue and Existence Metaphysical were previously released on the limited edition of exFallen, but have been re-recorded for this album.

The first track of the album was granted an MV, and it’s great! So, let’s talk Wish/~

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KAQRIYOTERROR gets colorfully in-your-face with B.W.G.

Amidst the pandemic, some idols companies have thrived to make the best of it. Video-making-company-turned-music-label Codomomental has not only been doing regular streamed liveshows (mostly for their idol groups), they have also done some recording and announced music releases.

The time has finally come to release B.W.G. into the world. Initially, the recording was supposed to be released as gift to fans who reserved their tickets for the oneman show Bipropaganda. It’s now the A-side of their newest offering available to all.

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50 YMM MVs Day 40: Gardening

There was an easier time this year where it felt like Ano & Younapi‘s graduation might be the worst thing to happen this year. Clearly, these days are long past.

I initially wrote this during the middle of lockdown. I had not seen the sun for weeks and everything felt unglamorous and detached from the passage of time. That’s a lot like what happens in DAHLIA.


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50 YMM MVs Day 39: Training

We are back at it, still providing you with a daily exploration of one of YLMM’s multiple music videos. Today, we’ll be touching on Never Give Up Suiken, guest starring Rina Takeda, of Dead Sushi and Wakakozake fame.

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50 YMM MVs Day 32: Stylish

We’ve been at it for more than a month, today is no different.

On the menu today is Nigenai!!, the 32nd MV of You’ll Melt More!

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Catch a draft of chill air with the Kaqriyo newbies!

2019 has been an eventful year for Kaqriyo. While their sobriquet hasn’t changed, they have renamed from Kaqriyo Terror Architect (with archaic kanjis, as it is customary for Codomomental) to KAQRIYO TERROR. The fact that all three founding members (the Architects) are no longer part of the group has certainly played a part in this.

With this rebranding, Kaqriyo has also changed their image/theme from heavily supernatural & Folkloric (Yokai) to a Circus theme. Their main lyrical subject, however, seems to have stayed consistent; it is still about being a “freak”/out of the boundaries of society and common sense.

What prompted this article now (in addition to unexpected free time!) is that they just welcomed two new members. Say hello to DKI (pronounced Doki, like a palpitating heart beat) and Noa Rondo (I won’t put an H, it’s not about that dude with the Arch)

Little is known of them so far, except that Noa is pretty shy and that DKI is a tall amazon. Should you have any more info, feel free to drop them in the comments or on Twitter.

Briefly, my impressions are the following: while the Architects were a legendary lineup, 5 members is the perfect number for Kaqriyo, as it allows a certain harmony in the chaotic dynamic on the stage. 4 is too symmetrical.

While Sumomo, Saint-Namidamaru (I can’t believe I was wrong this whole time) and Komariyuu have been killing it live as a trio, Noa and DKI are electrifying Kaqriyo again.

Look out for Lilith Pride, the first single with this lineup, coming on September 11.*

*I thought of that joke too. We don’t need to actually say it.


Nerves of Steel

It’s Monday. Don’t you just feel like idling around calmly?


Instead of being idle, consider being an idol (or as close as possible).

Well, here comes #NERVEORDiE.

To do so, let’s go and learn the dance to the alt-idol anthem that is Nerve. Your challenge: Let us know how many times you have managed to do Nerve in a row. Use the hashtag on Twitter! Share your results in a friendly competition with strangers on the internet!

All bets are off for what you do around it. Do you want to stage your own WACK-concert minus the ridiculous employee conditions? Would you  rather jump around your living room chaotically throwing your arms and legs back again and again and again?

To keep you motivated, here is a playlist of lives and covers of your new favourite workout, complete with familiar faces!