Episode 1 of HAMIDASYSTEM’s Multimedia Story Has Arrived

Man, I wish I had more time for this, and like an entire nation’s worth of money to start throwing at HAMIDASYSTEM’s management now that there’s a proof of concept for their highly ambitious fiction/song/live performance mega-project. But if you recall, it’s beautiful madness, and today came out the very first chapter:

The accompanying song:

I recommend clicking the link and figuring it out from there, unless a friendly person out there who can read Japanese pretty well wants to take a stab at translating and sharing. Me, I took one look at the length, looked at my watch, and decided that I’d rely on a machine translation later because I can only endure so much headache in one day.

Let’s talk about this song, though. Or, rather, let’s not talk about this gorgeous, fuzzy, drifting almost post-rock track that’s as much of a journey as the story that it’s telling. Don’t tell anybody, but I downloaded it from Soundcloud so that I can have it for the train and other things. Also, how great does AMEBA sound? Like, surprisingly well-voiced for an idol in a group that’s largely about atmospherics and energy. Good for her.