New Look, New Stuff from Aphrodite

Before going on a months-long expedition to distant, monster-inhabited parts unknown*, Mr. Viz Major shared something that he knew would probably get me irrationally excited for at least a few minutes, which is to say live video of Aphrodite:

You look different, Aphrodite. You sound different, too. Did you get a makeover or something?

Basically, yes; the Aphrodite you may have known and loved is effectively gone. Honestly, I’m not even sure that it makes a different — raise your hand if you knew of Aphrodite prior to this very moment, and raise both hands if you know them independently of me or Pure Idol Heart or some other chika obsessive putting things on the Internet.

Well, while you take a minute to look over their stuff, it helps to know that they have a single coming out at the end of the month:

Got that JyuJyu visual influence going

It’s the first in a series of three, which is apparently a thing right now.

Not everything happening is exciting ol’ Maniac so much, though:

Which, you know, that’s the kind of thing that happens when a group goes through … at least three major membership revisions that I know of. In case you needed a reminder of what they used to be like: