Let’s All Agree to Only Let BiSH Do Sneaky Releases

BiSH seems to thrive on stealth releases — folks were tweeting about a mystery CD single that popped up in record stores early today (Japan time):

Which for some reason I could only find a really recent photo

What could it be! Would there be an official announcement or anything? Several hours later, yes, of course, but also an MV!

Nice of them to give new life to Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s old outfits, though

While I definitely still miss the BiSH that was like a beautiful fist to the face, I will say that this is a welcome adventure. And not just for the sci-fi thing! Maybe a little heavy on the strings, but overall a solid bit of power pop with an emphasis on the power. The MV, by itself, is absolutely something else. Hey! Keep doing these things!

If this is part of what WACK had to apologize for, it’s going to be a hell of a week.

13 thoughts on “Let’s All Agree to Only Let BiSH Do Sneaky Releases

  1. Am i crazy or is the mixing and mastering FUCKING SUPER TERRIBLE?
    Even worse, way worse, than usual?
    Other than that the song is pretty okay. The music video has some cool visuals in parts.

    • I registered an account here just to tell you you aren’t crazy. Whoever produced that track needs to stay the hell away from a recording studio. I have never, in my life, heard a track so badly over-modulated. It made my god damn home theater sound like a ruptured cell phone speaker. How did no one involved in the process have the balls to say “We can’t release this song. It sounds like two chainsaws fucking.”?

      I just had to get that off my chest. I’ll go back to lurking.

      • Put me down as another person who made an account to comment on how shockingly bad the mix to this song is.

        I’m hoping this was a mistake with the video and not what we should expect when it’s released as a download.

        It sounds like I’m listening to the song on ear buds that went through the wash.

        I THINK I love Atsuko’s solo but it’s almost impossible to hear because the music is so high in the mix.

        Gorgeous video and song that deserves a better mix.

      • Yup the orchestral parts are way too high in the mix.

        I finally downloaded the song on iTunes, played it loudly on my sound system, and things balanced out a bit better. However, whoever mixed this should be reprimanded lol. They were either lazy or in over their head.

        Regardless I love this song and believe it’s a return to form for Bish. I never cared for Paint it Black (though I enjoyed it’s B-side) and Hide the Blue. Life is Beautiful was a decent pop-summer ballad IMO.

        Hopefully Non Tie-Up can be rerecorded or remixed when it undoubtedly appears on their next LP.

    • That’s obviously intentional – it’s supposed to be an uglified, blown-out parody of their commercial (“tie-up”) songs.

      • I don’t buy it. BiSH(WACK and SCRAMBLES in general) has always had shitty mixing and mastering, this is not anything new for them just a new low-water mark.

        • But the quality of their mixing improves every year – it’s not phenomenal, but I genuinely can’t think of an idol group that is. They’ve come a long way since their first album.
          If you can’t hear that this is intentional, compare “NON TiE-UP” to the extremely similar “My landscape” and “GANG2”. They know what a song like this should sound like, because they’ve been churning them out all year. After all the insincere, post-“Orchestra” balladry we’ve had to endure, do you really think they would mess up the strings in that intro out of incompetence?

          Of course, if you’ve already convinced yourself that everything they do is objectively bad, then you’ll believe whatever backs that up.

          • Do you i am complaining about them putting some distortion effect on the strings in the intro when i talk about mixing and mastering?
            I am not. That is not what mixing and mastering is.

            Also, that last sentence… Good vibrations.

          • tell you what, i hadnt even really noticed (in a good way) the distortion untill you pointed that out, cause thats obviously how its intended to sound and it didnt sound out of place, but how badly the music overshadows the vocals here is just bothering

            Smack Baby Smack is a song where i dont like the mastering, but with that one i do believe it was intentional to give it a raw vibe. sadly at the cost of their voices. except for that Ayani D/Chitti part that shines above anything else in the song. now that doesnt mean i dont like it, its one of my favorites of that album.

            but what they did there and what happened to this song is not the same. believe me, as a crustie i can handle a raw production, but a shit procuction is a sore to the ear

    • Registered to say the same thing, really takes the enjoyment out of the song/video.

      Also wanted to mention you were right on the money regarding BiSH’s last release; how they felt they needed to release a song to reach their edgy quota, earning praise “BiSH is back on form!”.

  2. been hesistand to like this song since the start. vocally it sounds amazing, or atleast it should, but you can barely hear it half the time…
    shits been bothering me too guys..

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