Whatever We Do, Please Accept This Friday Fun in Apology

Almost July! Why not take a look at last week’s entries?

Maniac is trying and failing to find a solution to Twitter being a butt; look at this and then here:

I already had a fun written and queued, but then I received this tweet regarding a topic much more relevant this week:

That’s right, its yet another WACK fun! Sort of.

The talk of the town this week has been their apologizing-in-advance campaign. It’s brought laughs, theories and even an old friend, so really, celebrating its conclusion seems like a good way to go this week.

So, WACK has done its apologizing, what about other idols? Or maybe you feel WACK hasn’t apologized enough?

This week, I want you to tweet your #IdolApologies! I may or may not forgive you in advance.