HAMIDASYSTEM Are Truly Multimedia Now

This is one of my very favorite things in a while, you guys, and I’m not just being hyperbolic for the sake of it. Before I became the excellent, handsome Maniac that I am today, I got one of those fancy writing degrees and, if not for some twists of fate, might be doing significantly more creative work than writing about Japanese people on the Internet. Well, Homicidols.com is what you get!

The point is that I love creative storytelling, and I love multimedia, and I love projects that are way too good to be true and nonetheless are. Working in reverse order, that’s HAMIDASYSTEM, all of their audio and video to date, and … this thing that I started randomly following a few days ago and then bore fruit yesterday:

The very first thing that you need to do, if you aren’t already familiar with HAMIDASYSTEM and their wow-that’s-amazing-but-Maniac-why-on-this-site-shut-up-that’s-what-I-use-Sundays-for-but-it’s-actually-Tuesday-I-said-shut-up body of work, is to go get acquainted with it. This is HTML; it is timeless. Now are you ready? Great.

Next step, or the first step if you’re already one of the intelligent people on the HAMIDASYSTEM bandwagon, is to go look at this incredible thing. You see, HAMIDASYSTEM has decided to go beyond the simplistic temporal existence that is doing idol stuff on stages, and to step into the world of fiction. Or, more specifically, blending fiction and non- to tell an all-encompassing story:

Four people, Mitsui, Yoshida, Hasegawa, and Koyama who go to high school in Tokyo, are living with their daily lives while not being able to enter the circle of people. On the evening of the Cultural Festival, for four people gathered in the live performance of “a certain idol group” from hype.
Machine translation because I’m being lazy

The first episode is ready for you! Four others will follow, a month apart each, interspersed with live performances at “sacred” venues, all culminating in … well, we don’t know yet. Whatever it is (for instance, possibly something to do with September’s one-man), they’re actively crowdfunding for it, and you should chip in a few ducats as a show of support for what might be the most creatively ambitious thing I’ve seen in idol, period.

In the meantime, while you digest everything that’s coming out of there, take in yet another spellbinding track (no doubt part of the project) from the best idols named after random food and drink:

Thank you as always, @Eyex1st!