Let’s Just Let That Sudden BiSH MV Speak for Itself

I started writing up a thing, and then I was like, no, that’s really nice, let’s just leave it alone. I think I know why it was published now, and that’s fine, it makes sense. “JAM” was one of my favorites from THE GUERiLLA BiSH because it reminded me of something from Brand-new Idol Shit for some reason, and it’s really sweet. The MV pulls a lot from the conceit behind what they’d done for “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”. It’s nice and fine. Happy Friday.

One thought on “Let’s Just Let That Sudden BiSH MV Speak for Itself

  1. There was a valuable english comment thread that explained a lot about what was happening in the video. It seems to be gone now, but it gave some context to who everybody is. Atsuko visited a guy from a restaurant that she met during the BiSH Cannonball Run 2016 :3

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