Maybe This Will Pique Your Interest in Aphrodite

Or, Wherein Maniac finally publishes a thing that’s a few months old.

We seem to be in one of those semi-regular doldrums period for idol, don’t we? I thought it was just a blip at first, given that summer singles were still popping up here and there, but no, it’s real. There’s like nothing new! And at these times, it’s helpful to take a look at new things. After all, mid-to-late spring is a big time for idol debuts; likewise, there are usually so many debuts that “catching up” means “see you in several months.” Silver lining: It makes for a manageable editorial calendar!

However, normal, useful, interesting idol stuff can get lost in the churning gluts of idol activity, and it can be just as useful to play catch up at opportune moments as well. Take for example Aphrodite, who are neither new nor particularly unfamiliar, neither in these parts nor if you pay any kind of attention to chika idol. This post was originally going to be an Aphrodite Digest! Why? Because they were doing lots of stuff! In April!

Yes, “lots of stuff” refers directly to a membership shake-up (of course) and going on one of those single-per-month-for-three-months things, which itself culminated in:

I’m glad for this, truly. Aphrodite has really been through the wringer over the past couple of years — the semi-original membership was gravure-supported and very much emulating traditional idol tropes with that (albeit, like, dark and stuff), only to get a more explicitly gothic remake a little over a year ago (including my dearly departed girl Samitsu Misa) and then kind of founder and flail until here, right here, feeling like they’ve re-found their footing with a sound a little more akin to where they started, a look and attitude that’s a little more chika-contemporary, and, with this release trilogy in the bag, hopefully the immediate body of work that can take them another step or two upward in the collective wota consciousness.

And that’s the point of it all, kiddos. There’s a multitude of idols — big and small, solo and group — that are doing cool and interesting things. Give ’em a try.