The HAMIDASYSTEM Saga Continues Its Singularly Beautiful Trek

What a thing to wake up to. After the first and then the second installments in HAMIDASYSTEM’s ambitious multimedia concept project, we were all aware of the depths of truth and beauty that were being laid before us. Today’s the day for the third installment, BEET’s turn to deliver her part of the story, and it’s putting me in some kind of mood:

Just one of these left to go, alas

You can download here, and go read this part of the story here.

The shifting evolution of HAMIDASYSTEM has really been something to see. Way back when, they were playing with creative fire, so to speak in several ways, and metamorphosed in clever-but-subtle ways along a path that took them through their self-ID’ed “dream pop” phase, to land in this series on something that, sure, let’s also call it that, but let’s also appreciate the tasty post-rock work that’s going into these songs at the same time. They’re such a unique project.

I posted this video in the Weekender, too, but I’m bringing it up so that you can get a better handle on how this very-long-form art project is shaking out:

This will no doubt be repeated, in some form or another, at least one more time. I’m almost nervous thinking about how the game is going to play in its final act, and what HAMIDASYSTEM is going to do next. I wish I could give them an unlimited bankroll to try out their wildest ideas.