Bury Had Me at /Guitar/

Don’t you just love it when a song gets you right from the jump?* Maybe it’s my mood this a.m., or maybe it’s the dire need for more quality punk sounds in rock anymore, or maybe it’s the fact that I still haven’t eaten breakfast, but the only prevailing thought in my head as this new one from Bury got playing was OH YES!

I had been wondering if Bury was going to be doing anything soon — not because of any impending releases that I know of, but because I’d stumbled back over them in my playlists the other day — so this is a nice bit of serendipity. They’re still incredibly new-feeling, not even being a full year old now (and with minimal turnover!). In fact, I don’t get the why for this MV release. I will not complain about it, though!

To follow along a thought from yesterday: While Bury’s still fresh and on the down-low even by chika standards, I’d love for them to parlay their consistently pretty solid material into a bit of spotlight, and for that spotlight to burn long enough for the group to really have some dang meaning when the inevitable does happen. TIF is out for this year, obviously, but what about the next? What about @JAM? One of the new year’s festivals? It’s not like they aren’t doing a fair number of gigs.

Anyway, bully to you, Bury, and thank you for remaining true to your deeply confusing name that always makes me wish that you were doing blackened melodeath or something instead of solid idol punk rock.

True story: I was watching Name That Tune with friends once, just kind of idly talking about the music while the game was ongoing, and I wasn’t pulled away attention-wise until one of the contestants got stuck having to name the tune with one note. It was piano, incredibly familiar. “Linus and Lucy!” I cried out, to the amazement of said friends. I was right! Would’ve won some money, too, if I’d, you know, actually been there.