Tell Me about This Video If You Can Make Sense of It

All right, you guys, it’s Tuesday, which means it’s WTF time, and while there’s arguably a much more WTF that has very little to do with music yet to come, this clip made me think “Tuesday” as soon as I saw it:

Just as a wash of images, which is often how one has to take these videos … what? Continue reading

I Might Be Wrong, But This Was All the WTF I Could Handle for Tuesday

Hey team! So there’s plenty of “normal” stuff (that is, music videos etc.) today, or as normal as it gets for this whole business, but … you know how idols can get kind of creative in how and when they screw around, and how that tends to wind up on video, which then winds up on Twitter, when then winds up burning itself into the ancient reptilian part of your brain, which is probably exactly what they intended?

So Yannderu Ame, among the latest in sick-plus-disturbed-plus-crying idols, recently had themselves a little moment like that, I think. I say “I think” because what looks to me like a moment out of Ringu could simply be how they start the day, or part of a more elaborate bit of play-acting, I don’t know, don’t judge me.

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For the Tuesday WTF, Your Guess Is as Good as Mine

I’m starting to get a little bit of an additional fascination with RABBITS Lab, I’ll admit, because I don’t understand the project, the idol persona, the creative process, any of it, at all, at any time.

So imagine: I have about 20 minutes this morning to find something WTF-worthy, and Twitter’s turning up bupkis, so it’s time to take the terrifying journey called Look Through Maniac’s YouTube Subscriptions for New Videos. Why is this terrifying? Because I have many subscriptions, and also many random subscriptions to accounts that do a lot of live video and the like, but also add all kinds of things that don’t interest me at all, and sometimes things that I find strange and disturbing.

Anyway, TMI; I was very fortunate today because RABBITS Lab, being pretty fresh yet, was right near the top of the list, and yes, there was a new upload, and yes, it’s completely appropriate:

Oh no, “LABBITS Lab.”!

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This WTF Might Be the Most WTF in the History of Tuesday WTFs

Friends, you know how I like to get a little weird around here; the WTF Tuesday is mostly just an excuse to home in on something particularly strange.

I have a few candidates, but if you recall this past Weekender, I called out the newest A-minor debutantes, HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI, for having put a new track on Soundcloud that was … well, it sounds nice. Like an idol song! Which is their business (or Daichi’s, I presume) to do as they see fit; I just thought it was a little out of character for the family that brings us Guso Drop and Screaming Sixties to be passing some tradol for the sake of it.

And then our dude Pukovnik Krv stepped to the plate to offer up this nugget: It sounds nice, but you gotta see the lyrics. And then he sent me a translation. Continue reading

I’m Scrapping My WTF Tuesday Plans to Bring You This

I swear, you guys, I was going with some pretty standard WTF fare for Tuesday, and then You’ll Melt More! tweeted out this … this. Hold on to your butts.

That’s Ano with something called TOWA TEI (first I’m hearing of it!), and you’re welcome. Continue reading

Sink into This Sakidori Hasshinkyoku Video for Your Tuesday WTF

The Papermaiden suggests that we take this sucker for a spin, and I couldn’t agree more! Ever since PIH shared it over the weekend, I’ve been somewhere between complete unbelief and total thankfulness that such a strange trip exists in my world — so accessible, but so astonishingly out there at the same time, like if some of Bellring Girls Heart’s material from last year were to be turned into high-energy kawaiidol madness.

That’s Sakidori Hasshinkyoku (Twitter). They’re new. Continue reading

It’s a WTF Tuesday Double Feature: Hanako-san vs. Heart ni Pochicon

These photos from the other night were just too good to not share.

As you know, because you’re a fan of hers, which I know because you’re here and I do believe that being at the very least amused by the toilet dead girl is a prerequisite for that, Hanako-san’s lives have a tendency to devolve from mere “throw and spray things at the fans” to full-on “I am going to cover you in substances because I feel like it.”

In this case, she shared a stage with the wonderful trash idol project, Heart ni Pochicon (currently again down my favorite disaster, Hiiragi Fuyu), and WHAT HAPPENED NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU! Continue reading

This WTF Is a Little Familiar: DeadEyes Live

Happy Tuesday, friends! As we discussed last week, Tuesday’s going to be the day of the week that we celebrate either new idols or underground idols or idols with a weird streak who are … well, doing things a little off the beaten path.

DeadEyes we know. DeadEyes we’ve seen. But when this video popped up on Twitter the other night, I thought, this is a perfect WTF Tuesday entry.

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