For the Tuesday WTF, Your Guess Is as Good as Mine

I’m starting to get a little bit of an additional fascination with RABBITS Lab, I’ll admit, because I don’t understand the project, the idol persona, the creative process, any of it, at all, at any time.

So imagine: I have about 20 minutes this morning to find something WTF-worthy, and Twitter’s turning up bupkis, so it’s time to take the terrifying journey called Look Through Maniac’s YouTube Subscriptions for New Videos. Why is this terrifying? Because I have many subscriptions, and also many random subscriptions to accounts that do a lot of live video and the like, but also add all kinds of things that don’t interest me at all, and sometimes things that I find strange and disturbing.

Anyway, TMI; I was very fortunate today because RABBITS Lab, being pretty fresh yet, was right near the top of the list, and yes, there was a new upload, and yes, it’s completely appropriate:

Oh no, “LABBITS Lab.”!

If you only gave that a few seconds at the beginning, or if you’re like me and you skip around in videos out of curiosity, or if you have time dyslexia or something and need to consume media out of conventional order (I don’t know), you may not have noticed anything particularly strange about this release.

If that’s the case, friend, then I invite you to be patient for a minute and actually do the whole thing, front to back.

Like, it’s two songs that they stitched together like some kind of terrible undead hooker girlfriend from a bad 80s horror movie, right? You have your twee rock verses and then the animetal choruses, set on a street with the … idol(?) eating and being happy AND being indoors and all traditional-like, respectively.

It’s not brain-melting or trope-bucking like a lot of the WTF, but I have no idea what’s going on, so welcome to the club.