Yannderu Ame and Their First Musical Teaser

Hi friends! You may have seen from John that Yannderu Watashi to Yamanai Ame (Twitter) exists. You may have also seen the information that I’ve lost track of, stuff on Facebook etc. that talked about their name and concept and stuff — the name’s like “I’m sickly watching the rain fall” but probably not as poetic as the “Tears in Rain” monologue but still pretty good — and the fact that they got Arisa from the ashes of the old Mugen Regina.

Anyway! The point here is not to tread back over stuff — it’s been covered, and with more genuine interest — but to hold up the shiny thing and get all excited about it. You know me.

First music teaser:

Give it a minute to get going; also, the only people who like to refer to themselves in song as much as idols are rappers, and I’m not sure who’s worse

Kind of interesting, right? It goes back over a lot of well-worn idol-meets-heavy-stuff paths, but it’s also a little more interesting than a lot of that stuff. Again, give it a minute, because that first sample is eh.

Anyway, at a time when beloved (and ~loved) idols are dropping left and right, debuts that seem like they might actually be trying are good to get. The top of the pyramid, though, I think will remain unchanged.

3 thoughts on “Yannderu Ame and Their First Musical Teaser

  1. few of the songs remind me of a softer version of fruitpochette, that second track gives me almost a zenkimi vibe with the talky vocals but less going on to keep me really hooked, over all that about what I expected from them tho was hoping they would maybe sound abit darker or complex but meh you get what you pay for and they are obviously a low budget group with low production costs. I’ll wait and see what their first MV (if we get one) is like.

    • I was going to say, I wonder if anybody ever started at basically the bottom and then really became a thing, and then I remembered Guso Drop, who are in the process of becoming a thing.

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