This Isn’t New DeadEyes, But I Like It Anyway

Our Best of 2016 has reached its final day for voting, but most everything else in idol has slowed to a crawl. And fittingly! Christmas isn’t the same in Japan, and probably only a relative handful of people care about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, etc., but it’s still the end of the year and winter and whatnot.

Expect lots of Maniac clearing out the backlog and sharing live video, in other words!

When it comes to DeadEyes, about whom this post is supposed to be, I just so happened to see some live video in their feed when I was (looking through Twitter while) baking, and allowed a moment of excitement:

Yeah, no, it’s not new (we saw it here), but I do think it’s a pretty nifty song and maybe you’ll dig it.

If you don’t, this could happen to you:

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