New MV from Bellring Girls Heart: Let’s Make a List of Everything Wonderfully Weird about It

Got it? Now let’s break that down.

  1. Holy shit, I love how completely committed to not even remotely believably playing those instruments they are. Kai deserves an award for how few shits she gives, and Ayano for coming the closest to looking like she’s trying.
  2. I dig the clothes, and I dig even more how “let’s coordinate outfits and look like a rock band” had to have been left up to each member’s personal interpretation.
  3. That jazz break / dream sequence. Between how it makes zero sense to the song and how hard Mizuho sells it while the rest of the group dances AND they’re all back in their crow outfits, I’m pretty sure that idol may have just been defeated once and for all.
    1. Kari-chan, you seem like you might be afraid. And you should be, because Kanra will probably kill you so she can wear your skin.
  4. It’s Moechi’s final video as a member of Bellheart, and her farewell show is now less than a week away. Fittingly, she did next to nothing with those drums but got the last solo line.
  5. And with Moechi graduating, that’ll leave Bellheart without any of its original members, and Mizuho the last from the pre-crow generation (I think). I’m glad that I’ve only been following them for a few months; I’d probably be sad otherwise.
  6. And with that, between the song sounding like something from an open mic at beat night in an East Village dive and whatever the hell was going on in that video, I’m still not sure that I’d put it higher than third in Bellheart’s overall weirdness index.
  7. God, I love them.