Thursday Hurtsday Brings Bunnies, But Not What You Expect

Old pal Pure Idol Heart, who has the unique ability/privilege to basically live and breathe idols, shared out another new project the other day, and I immediately thought “Thursday.”

Friends, this is loud:

This is RABBITS Lab (Twitter), and I’ll be damned if I didn’t think for a second that I was listening to DOLL$BOXX.

We’re talking very new here. Like, so-new-that-even-Twitter-is-empty-and-this-is-idol-so-you-know new. At least the website has a little bit of info: The singer is named Usagi (of course) Sakura (extra of course); the composer is a bunny. Or, I guess more accurately because it’s what the website says, this anisong (sure) project is meant to be an artistic collaborative — hence, Lab — including even fans.

That’s ambitious, and this thing’s just getting started and tough to pin down, but there are further releases aftoot, such as this new song next week:

Hold on to your butts.

Oh, and happy Thursday Hurtsday.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Hurtsday Brings Bunnies, But Not What You Expect

  1. I really fell for RABBITS Lab. Really creative songs being a debut. I’m looking forward to hear more from them.

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