This WTF Is a Little Familiar: DeadEyes Live

Happy Tuesday, friends! As we discussed last week, Tuesday’s going to be the day of the week that we celebrate either new idols or underground idols or idols with a weird streak who are … well, doing things a little off the beaten path.

DeadEyes we know. DeadEyes we’ve seen. But when this video popped up on Twitter the other night, I thought, this is a perfect WTF Tuesday entry.

The thing is, you need to watch this and immerse yourself in it. There’s Momoka, dressed like she’s going to bed, turning herself inside-out on her scream, Miko then having to fix Momo’s pants (or something; I have no idea what happened there), the two of them leading all seven wota in a group head bang … the fact that, unlike what they do to really earn money, they’re both fully clothed … I mean, DeadEyes is firmly in the “something else” realm of idol, and godspeed to them for it.