Your Homicidols Weekender #20

Sorry about all of that confusion yesterday, gang. And on Friday. And in the lead-up to that. What can I say? Kerrie’s a very smart person. But this is why you should believe nothing that gets reported on/right before April 1, no matter the subject or where you are in the world.

Holy hell, it’s the 20th edition of this goofy-ass roundup.

The Week That Was and Definitely Not the Week That Will Be Because That’s Not How Time Works

What’s the deal with idols having music posthumously released? NEXT Shoujo Jiken and the irrepressible Maihime called it quits mere days before the writer behind the project, DINCO, added this track to Soundcloud:

I don’t have the album, so if it’s there, nbd

Yesterday, in addition to the culmination of our epic prank, was Fox Day. To the surprise of nobody, the hyped announcements were barely a dull thud for people outside of Japan, but it’s a bunch of audience-specific concerts over the summer, basically a bunch of hometown fan service. That’s okay! Though it does make me wonder about finales and the like.

Our pal Amina du Jean wrote a thing:

Also this one:

The girl has a future in something.

Aphrodite teased out some fresh video for an old song:

How many members do they have now? Criminey

My girl Samitsu Misa, who recently joined up, somehow found the only bathtub in the world that’s as long and thing as she is:

No idea where they find this stuff

CY8ER put out their first MV:

Good lord, the beat on this new

Better than Koutei Camera Gal’s?

I missed this on the first go-round, but here’s what Twitter made me believe is Tsuki to Taiyou’s final song:

PassCode tour digest?

Weekender regular Sakohata Aya looks like she’s joined a band (in addition to her solo career?):

Remember petit pas!? You should, because they were like right about to break out when they broke up after TIF last year. Oops. But former leader and Maniac oshi candidate Shinozaki Kokoro is still floating around, and just signed on to do a radio show:

Kimi to Utatane never amounted to anything, is now losing a member and will go on hiatus for a few months:

Cutie Corpse, on the other hand, is dead:

Daichi’s latest project with more nice idoling, which leaves me wondering if the man’s gone soft:

Here’s your reward for sticking it out so far:

7 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #20

  1. Don’t know if you saw this
    Watanabe is getting soft in his old age, it would’ve been better for GP hang on to it until closer to Messe show so “BiSH will perform Orchestra at Messe for the first time since losing it” could’ve been a selling point.
    GP giving it to BiSH as a favor defeats the whole purpose of the song taking stunt in the first place.
    At least the Final 4 games were worth my time, lets hope the final provides as much drama as the semis.

  2. Sure, Himegoto Zettaichi sounds kinda nice. Then you read the lyrics for Stalker Talk and it’s written from the perspective of a guy who falls in love with a girl from afar, begins to stalk her, gets angry when she rejects his advances and then eats her.

    • So basically it’s the Japanese version of “Every Breath You Take” by The Police.
      I wonder if it will become as popular at Weddings?

      • You know, I had this feeling that I should have asked about it, and then completely lost track of what I was doing (because “what I was doing” was “stupid”). Idol goes dark(er).

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