Your Homicidols Weekender #9

What’s good, team? I’ll tell you what’s good: Our Hanako-san game. Go play.

Did Anything Interesting Even Happen This Week?

So Dots! That EP of theirs (which is basically a maxi single now that the “other three tracks” are just the same tracks but with vocaloid [even if it’s my secret girlfriend Hatsune Miku]) is very gosh-darned good. So gosh-darned good, in fact, that it was OTOTOY’s best seller:

There’s got to be a fan or two of Dragon Nation Academy among us. Well, they’re breaking up, like forever:

I remember about when they debuted, and I remember being McKayla Maroney, and I completely forgot that they existed until I caught that tweet. At barely 300 followers, I can understand the reasoning.

Did you see that the alt-pop darlings in sora tob sakana dropped this track on Monday?

I remember the first time I stumbled across sora tob, deep in a YMM playlist that also happened to be where I first heard Koutei Camera Girl (pre-Zwei) and Girls Excellency International, among others. They always put me in a good mood.

While we’re on the topic of idols doing really cool music, how many here have ever met Philosophy no Dance? If your life needed a little more Motown and city pop and “funky but chic” music in it, they’re a great addition:

Brian can attest that they could turn your life inside out.

And speaking of things that can turn a life inside out, the human catastrophe that is Hiiragi Fuyu (Heart ni Pochicon) is once again on health-related hiatus:

That’s old news at this point, but still. Fuyu, trust me when I say that you need to quit smoking or something.

Hey, did you guys know that STARMARIE, when they aren’t being cool and gothic and stuff, have a total Sakura Gakuin mode?

So, brief programming note, I’m super excited to be going to see Code Orange play in Baltimore in a few weeks. Their brandy-new album is a ridiculous smash-up of some of the most vicious hardcore left in the scene and we’re-mature-musicians-now moody post-grunge that fills me with terrible dread. Great times! I’m excited for the show, but am also super excited for at least one of the openers. Stick this shit in your ears:

Nicole Dollanganger is very interesting. Look at these photos and tell me that she’s not the perfect center for my dream idol project we shouldn’t be friends.

Have you ever wondered how idols/whatever feel when they surreptitiously hit up a record store to see how well they’re doing? I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t get a total kick out of this video of Sakohata Aya taking a stroll through some of Tokyo’s shops.

Her reaction to her own stuff is cool (also cool: her solo debut sold well), but I love when she spies the empty BiS-san display. Notice what else is on the same stand!

It was kind of a slow week, folks, and it’s a long weekend here in the USA. Have yourselves a good time out there and remember what the holiday’s for.

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    Chinese idols doing “heavy idol” music a few weeks ago and now a new Korean idol group has tried to put some distorted guitars on a song of theirs:
    Song is not as good and heavy as the Chinese songs… But hey, maybe it could be the start of a trend?

    … Probably not.

    • What a fucking messy piece of shit post… Shame on me.

      Oh well, i think the general idea of what i was trying to say gets across at least.

    • It could be! People overreacted to Pritz like none other (that “sorasora” song is dope as hell, but still; also, that’s two times today that I obliquely connect Nazi stuff with pop music, why). At some point, even the blandest acts in the world want to get a little harsher. Celine Dion (unfortunately) covered AC/DC! I’d actually love it if K-pop started to get as adventurous as some of the J-contemporaries. Or maybe one of the local scenes in China goes heavy. Anything. VALIDATE THIS.

      (I haven’t stopped listening to Code Orange.)

      • I don’t think it was an overreaction. Repeatedly using fascist imagery like they did was deliberately trying to provoke a reaction(or ridiculously incompetent if it was accidental…) and they got what they asked for.

        • No, I’m sorry, I meant that people overreacted to one song and acted like they were going to be Korea’s Babymetal. That fascist BS, by the time they were just like “fine, hate us for it,” they got the least of what was coming to them in disbanding. (I am unsympathetic to fascists.)

          • Ah, i see what you were saying.

            I saw some people saying similar things about Dreamcatcher, actually…
            I don’t think they are actually even supposed to be any sort of rock/metal group though, i just think this song happened to have a little of that flavor. Just listen to the other song from their debut single:

            But maybe they will see how much attention they have gotten just for having some distorted guitars on one song and decide to go more in that direction.

            These 2 songs by Inlayer was released by K-pop company SM in the last year so maybe there is some interest in going in that direction:

            By themselves, prog instrumental:

            Collaboration with a bunch of people, rap/nu/djent:

            Also BTS very recently did this cover of an old Korean rap rock song(by a group/band called Seo Taiji and boys… Who i could into but i won’t…) complete with “stage dive” and what kinda looks like wota lifts?

            So maybe these are the first signs of a coming trend?

            P.S. Seeing that BTS clip reminded me that Japanese boy groups have actually made songs that would not be out of place on this blog, like when a Hey Say Jump! subunit made this:

            Oh man this comment is long and went some places, huh…

          • Yeah, but it went to some cool places. No problem there.

            I’ve had a few instances when I’ve debated (internally) whether I want to delve into some of the more interesting male J-idols. No SMAP-level or anything, but like your example, it ain’t just the girls doing interesting things.

            (Also, that choreography was light years ahead of pretty much everybody not named Q’ulle. I enjoyed that.)

            If you regularly keep an eye on that, I’d be open to learning more for sure.

  2. Don’t know if you heard of them but I came across a brand new unit that has some awesome potential and may be of interest. I’m looking forward to them. (株)やみつきカンパニー (Yamitsuki Company Ltd.) All the members are really cute and their music sounds pretty good. It has that PassCode-like electronic digital hardcore type of sound from what I’ve heard so far. Tsuku-chan is the “screamer” for the group according to her profile and she’s in pictures holding a megaphone at their lives. She’s also a big ZenKimi & Tsurezure fan. They just debuted around September/October, performed at MAWA LOOP and Pikarin’s Makai Halloween and recently had a three-man live with NEVE SLIDE DOWN and CY8ER.

    There’s an MV on the way it seems from a preview they have on YouTube and the video looks to be of good production. The only other videos I’ve seen are audio only from a live (assuming due to a shooting ban) but the songs sound promising.

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