I’m Scrapping My WTF Tuesday Plans to Bring You This

I swear, you guys, I was going with some pretty standard WTF fare for Tuesday, and then You’ll Melt More! tweeted out this … this. Hold on to your butts.

That’s Ano with something called TOWA TEI (first I’m hearing of it!), and you’re welcome.

Again, YMM can do pretty much whatever they want, and they prove it all the time, and I don’t even care because they don’t get the same level of love as some others when it comes to Western fans, but nobody pushes more buttons more often, and makes it works, the way that Yumumerumo does.

For Ano, though, you get the feeling that this is pretty much how her normal day goes, and getting into the likes of “ONLY YOU” is her version of getting weird with it.

5 thoughts on “I’m Scrapping My WTF Tuesday Plans to Bring You This

  1. If my old-ass memory serves, Towa Tei is one of the dudes (and main driving forces) from Deee-Lite. If you listen to this again with that in mind it might hit you that you’ve heard his stuff elsewhere. That’s assuming you’ve listened to Deee-Lite beyond just “Groove is in the Heart” of course. That being said, this is fucking awesome and thanks for the link!

    • Yeah, as soon as I saw the Deee-Lite name, I had a flashback to looking them up on Wiki once upon a time to see how the rest of their non-hit career went, and I went, YES THAT’S IT!

      Good stuff!

  2. I don’t want to spoil the party but… I know Towa Tei from the old days. He is a nice bloke. But his music, especially the Ano one is boring. (And I am no BiSH fan, to make that clear.) Good for her reputation but any YLMM song is better.

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