This Is the Coolest Thing I Found Yesterday

There I was, friends, minding my own business and looking into this particular event from over the weekend:

Pay attention to this list, because there are things we’re going to catch up to

I was obviously going to take an interest in anything that has DAIDAIDAI, Cure and Ophelia 20mg on the bill, and anybody who’s appearing with them is probably going to be pretty cool, too, so I thought I’d let the obligatory tagged idols-with-idols photos show me toward the stuff I don’t know about.

And man, that was a good idea.

Say hi to Kupipo. I don’t know what that means! But there are four members, they’re indie enough that their media consists entirely of Twitter and Soundcloud and a brand-new YouTube channel, and this music is the kind of thing you put on when you feel like going for a ride.

They aren’t new, per se, and all of the members seem to be associated primarily with other projects, so I have no idea how serious this is. I get the feeling that, as far as the Osaka underground goes, they’re happily part of the scenery and just enjoy putting on a show; if it works, it works, but to have a good time is the most important thing. It looks like a trip:

And that’s just part of the wackiness!

I’d love to be able to make this just part of a series, “The Tuesday WTF,” that celebrates the really bonkers stuff that lives at idol’s indie fringes … but I’ll be honest, I have no idea how or where to find a lot of that stuff, and a lot of it is going to be just plain weird as opposed to kind of weird and interesting and also a little on the heavy side.

Anyway: Kupipo, you’re all right.

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  1. I’ll leave it to someone else to draw the obvious comparisons. I’m just here to give my full support to the Tuesday WTF idea. If we inject a little novelty into the lamest day of the week, maybe I’ll still remember it by Friday~

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