Tell Me about This Video If You Can Make Sense of It

All right, you guys, it’s Tuesday, which means it’s WTF time, and while there’s arguably a much more WTF that has very little to do with music yet to come, this clip made me think “Tuesday” as soon as I saw it:

Just as a wash of images, which is often how one has to take these videos … what?

This is Enka Girls (Twitter). blah blah. They fittingly have a whole goshdarn mess of Twitter followers, which does make sense if you’re a) idol and b) enka-y.

This whole EDM-plus-stuff-oh-and-enka is their thing, and they’ve been doing it since 2013, according to Twitter. I don’t know if the addition of *shrug* in their videos is necessarily always an element:

They’ve done a bit of the international thing, including heading to Jakarta, which is cool. This is cool. This is a good Tuesday piece.

One thought on “Tell Me about This Video If You Can Make Sense of It

  1. Along comes another WTF Tuesday feature group. I’ve never heard of them, and for all intents and purposes they have a sound that’s even more niche than the most popular groups on this already-niche website. And yet they’ve got a flashier video than most of our all-stars, and they’ve toured internationally. What’s a WTF Tuesday, if not an excuse to take your global perspective and tie it in a complicated knot? I replayed that first video 4 times!

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