Here’s a Bunch of Bees Stuff


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We Return to WTF Tuesday with a Very Special Message: OBEY

Take a journey with me, friends, and understand that our guide is none other than Takahashi Natsumi, former leader of DISDOL and current solo idol. It is a journey through … actually, I’m not sure. Just a little unsettled though!

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Dots to the Rest of Idol: Hold My Beer

It’s a shame that the Dots, identity-deficient singularities of incredible artistic idol power, aren’t going to be part of Queen of the Scene, but I think they just wrapped up Least Predictable Release by Idols Forever for 2017:

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It’s Tuesday, Or the Perfect Time for a Girl with a Duck for a Head

I’d been meaning to catch up with this one:

That’s one dedicated wota

Say hi to DORCA (Twitter). They’re basically what happens when people like us decide that it’s time to form an idol group; seriously, look at the history on here. Continue reading

This Is the Most WTF in the History of the WTF

May the blessings of the gods of your choice be upon you people. I make a #hottake, and then we all get to chat about it like civilized human beings, and then gauntlets get thrown down not in the form of a duel to defend the object’s honor, but to one-up the very notion being discussed.

That Maison Book Girl thing from the other day? Wonderful response. Thank you all, really; good opinions and stuff all over the map. Loved it.

And then Chris went further than any person should:

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Familiar Faces in Unexpected Places for This Tuesday WTF

Good morning, fellow disciples of the cute and disturbed! It’s Papermaiden, back for a second punctual post before I finally am on top of my things and starting my own column every fortnight or so.

This week, we’re doing something a little different, graciously sponsored by The Ender Partner talent at finding really dubious stuff on the Internet.

So Partner the End drags my overworked ass in front of the TV, asking me for 25 minutes of my time to show me something he refuses to disclose anything about. Here we are, watching a guy (King Lionel) trying to become an Internet celebrity. His whole act is based on parodying either pop songs or remixing children traditional songs to make them sound like club anthems. He managed to land a deal for a show sponsored by the Ontario French Television network on the web and their cable network. In this episode, he was invited by a Japanese management company who just wanted to meet him and he uses this trip to make himself known to the general public.

But the bit that interests us starts right here:

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Up Up Girls Are Recruiting Wrestlers Because Deadlift Lolita Can’t Be the Only Idols Who Can Cause Concussions

I was thinking about what would be right for Tuesday WTF; this is perfect

What, you thought there was only room for one wrestling-themed idol unit?

It rarely feels like a week ago that the original buff idols, Up Up Girls (Kari), added new members. Probably because so far they’ve just been designated to back-up dancer and Showroom personality roles, but with the impending double-graduation of Minami and Ayano, five new girls just isn’t enough, it seems? Or maybe Up Up Girls 2 just aren’t matching up to their notably muscular seniors, because this time they’re teaming up with Japan’s DDT Wrestling Promotion and specifically looking for pro-wrestlers to join. Continue reading

WTFs Can Be Just as Much about the Rewards

Happy Tuesday, everybody! I like you so much that I think you all deserve some punches to the gut.

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Cat Idols. WTF. Perfect.

You guys. We’ve seen cat girls before, but have we seen actual cat girls? Like, idols who just flat-out say, hi, we’re cats?

Maybe! But this is the best:

Say hi to the Entertainment Cats, Neko Kageki (Twitter). As you may have guessed, they are cats, and they’re perfect for the Tuesday WTF. Continue reading

Your Tuesday WTF Is Back to School

Good morning, gang! I was on the hunt for something genuinely weird and (in the eye of the beholder) wonderful, and a random pass through Twitter provided.

Naniwa Rokkasen! The Six Immortals of Poetry! I got a good kick out of this indie-ass project a while back, and they’d be a great candidate for Indie Idol Wednesday under normal circumstances, but, as soon as I saw this, I felt like I had exactly what the doctor ordered.

Those of you who got into Sakura Gakuin should remember the annual year-end exams for each class; much merriment is had, and many a charm point established! They’re good times. And now I’m wondering if that’s more common than I thought, or if somebody got a Mori-sensei jones and just had to indulge, but here’s Naniwa in their own exams:

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