A Funny Thing Happened During Last Night’s WACK Auditions

Despite my reservations (and desire to do anything but idol for an evening), I let Kerrie talk me into watching the all-group WACK audition marathon that began last night, and I let Garry talk me into joining the chat, and I have no agency of my own apparently because I’m blaming others for my choices.

That being acknowledged, thanks guys. You only get so many chances in life to hear Aina the End “audition” with GANG PARADE/Pla2me’s “Plastic 2 Mercy”:

Though, in the interests of complete disclosure, that wasn’t the only cross-group “auditioning” of the night; Yua from GANG PARADE did “Hoshi ga,” and so did Pour Lui (correction: Pour Lui a capella crushed “Hoshi ga”), and Aina did “BiSBiS” and Atsuko was in there, too, but I completely forget which song she had and does it really matter? Other active members took their turns at the mic, is what I’m saying.

This particular instance did not escape the notice of the tens of thousands of people on the feed, either, as our pal Hasdrubal Jones noted the same thing on that BiSH post from the other day. If you happen to know of other video captures, please share them!

The auditions are literally still happening; it’s six days (in Japan) and five nights (still in Japan!), which is twice the length of the BiS boot camp that made me want to cry rivers of blood to get the gods to put the thing to an end. So do click on over to watch, pay the 540 yen for the premium membership and prepare for alternating bouts of surprising musical moments and crushing inanity!

Terry has up a little rundown of the goings on from the first several hours of Day 1, and I imagine is currently asleep in a ditch somewhere because that was easily an all-nighter.

10 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened During Last Night’s WACK Auditions

  1. It struck me earlier that BiS need just one more member, then they can produce a chess set with figures of everyone that’s ever passed through their ranks.

    What a splendid idea! I’m off now to send it in to Watanabe so he can ignore it and send everyone off on another sodding marathon instead.

  2. Singing part rankings:

    1. Ooshoji Megumi
    2. Gyan Maika
    3. Yumeno Yua(MVP)
    4. Nagayama Yukilo
    5. Pour Lui
    6. Aina the End
    7. Hashiyasume Atsuko
    8. Momogumi.inc
    9. Michihayashi Rio
    10. Gamiya Saki

  3. Somebody’s named Momogumi.inc!? That is EXTREMELY clever, holy moly. Have they divulged any details about the end game of the audition? SiSH?

  4. I’m confused. What’s the point of Atsuko and Aina singing in this event, or for that matter the other girls already in established groups?

    • To get people to watch it.
      I’m sure Watanabe has some sort of deal with Nicovideo and “a bunch of wannabe Idols you’ve never heard of” would not be drawing the 100,000 plus viewers this is.
      It’s also good advertisement for the ultimate point of this which I’m guessing is a new Wack group.
      FTR he’s also split them into 3 competing groups BiSH, BiS and Gang Parade with 8 people in each group (2 established idols and 6 wannabes).

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