It’s Indie Idol Wednesday, So Say Hi to AH

I promised Viz Major that I’d get around to this interesting little duo one of these days, and Indie Idol Wednesday seems as good a time as any. Why? Because they’re indie as hell!

This is actually a little preview/promo/profile thing that the Viz put together a few months ago. I also recommend following them on Twitter, though look at their website with some wariness because Chrome seems to think it’s a malicious website (could just be a big misunderstanding, though!).


This is more recent!

There really are a lot of good things happening from the true indies these days, huh?

Happy Hump Day!

One thought on “It’s Indie Idol Wednesday, So Say Hi to AH

  1. I started following that Youtube account because they posted TONS of Oyasumi Hologram live videos, and lately they’ve been posting TONS of AH stuff. To the point where I wondered if the account was run by the groups’ representation or something. To call it comprehensive would be putting it lightly. Those Stussy-ish shirts are new, they’ve usually been performing in sort of OYSM-like outfits. You can see why I wondered if the two groups were related.
    I’ve yet to be converted on their actual music, but you absolutely can not knock their hustle!

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