Let the Wild Speculation Begin! The WACK Three-way Auditions

Last week, I made the unwise decision to notification-follow Watanabe on Twitter. At first, I was really just looking for new stuff about the BiSathon (so we could do our own!), but that wasn’t panning out and I was bored, but then came one of the ominous “something will happen at 22:00!” tweets, and … well, given that BiSH was the only part of the company that he hadn’t molested in a while, let’s just say that a quick RT from that group’s account had me convinced that the Captain herself was graduating immediately and had set the rest of the roster on fire.

This is no way invalidates that fear!

It’s an all-company audition. It’s also missing a great opportunity to be called the WACXhibition, but I guess proves that nobody else wants to be as awesome and clever as me.

But an audition! Even money says that it’s partly to fill a spot or two in the lineup (BiSH’s second birthday is soon, and there’s still only ever been the one graduation; BiS is way overdue). At the same time, the company’s got to be about swimming in money, and an immutable rule of business is that you expand or you die, so … new group down the line? I was going to ask how much music SCRAMBLES can possibly be expected to churn out, but then (heh, yeah, I know) and it’s not like Schtein&Longer has as much going on these days.

Follow the link trail a little on the WACK site (it’s okay), and you’ll get to this complementary announcement that includes something about a WACK SLAVE? While I can only imagine what that might be, I’d be among the first in line if it were a job (even a low-paying job; even a job that doesn’t pay but does include a dental plan!) that’s basically water-fetcher and abuse-taker. You can treat me like complete dogspit any day of the week, senpai.

Anyway, the event is a little bit away (same venue as Babymetal’s debut, IIRC, or different red brick thing?), so we have tons of time to manufacture completely implausible scenarios and amuse ourselves with them!

12 thoughts on “Let the Wild Speculation Begin! The WACK Three-way Auditions

  1. If Chitti leaves Bish you might as well shut the whole thing down, it don’t work without her and Aina. Chitti’s latest tweet which google-san translates as “I’m depressed, I’m knelt at ears” fills me with dread.

    • I’m guessing Pour Li will be there too in which case shouldn’t Ling Ling be there to protect our precious Aina. Hashiyatsume may be the librarian we all want to discipline us when we are being too loud, but when comes to a knife fight with Pour Li I trust Ling Ling more.

  2. Do any of those groups have room for new members? The best case scenario here would be that they’re forming yet another group and, what’s this? the girls from Especia showed up? With Ayano from Bellring?! And uh… Rum from Fruitpochette, why not?
    Let’s ease our anxiety by dreamcasting this new hypothetical WACK group 😛

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