So BiSH Promised the Star Right to a New (Mini) Album

That’s literally the worst headline I’ve ever written; you’re welcome

With the Makuhari Messe show announced, you knew it would only be a matter of time for BiSH, now officially existing to shovel money into Avex’s gaping maw, to announce a new record to build on the steady success of “DEADMAN” and KiLLER BiSH and now “Promise the Star” and continue their inexorable rise to being big enough, but not staid enough, for Budokan.

June 28. Gonna include an anime theme (of course it is). And getting some Ayuni D vocals in to replace some Hug Me on a few older tracks, if I’m reading that right? Oh and also original material. has the details on the additional doodads.

Come on, BiSH. You’re getting to be a big deal even in a mainstream way. Give me at least one song that makes me want to punch a hole in a wall.

13 thoughts on “So BiSH Promised the Star Right to a New (Mini) Album

    • What I want to know is if people actually pay for those things, like when BiS had VIP tickets for that price on their first tour since re-starting. Watanabe wouldn’t do it just for kicks if nobody ever paid the money … right?

      • I think he would do it in hopes someone is willing to pay that price.

        There might be people paying that much.

        I fee like BiSH is alt idol the same way VICE is alternative news: once upon a time true, but very up to debate right now.

        YLMM are alt idol in the sense that they just do their thing (and also had shows in really sketchy venues when they started) and they keep on their track even if Tradidol is trying to get some of that alt vibe.

        Very few groups are both alterative and alternative. BiS was one. Arguably, Dempagumi Inc. is one too, given how they’ve carved space for Dempa as a mainstream music and seem to be differently produced than most groups. Even though they became super popular post-BiS, they were doing out-there stuff before too.

  1. Well didn’t BiSH also have some exclusive ridiculously high priced merchandise items that fans actually bought?

    Perhaps the high price of VIP meet and greet tickets are also because with cheaper VIP thousands fans would want to meet and greet. It wouldn’t work out that well.

    One thing I was disappointed about anti-idol is that despite being that they still pretty much do the same kind of fan service as idols do. So the fan service isn’t really anti idol.

    I couldn’t find the source where I read it. But I remember Brats didn’t meet their fans after a show and just walked out right in front of the fans. Not sure if there was a planned meet and greet and they just decided to not do it. Or if this really happened. But it kinda felt to me, thats being really anti-idol 🙂

    Well back to BiSH, the latest song and future releases. I really hope also for something better ahead. One think I been wondering about. How much control does Watanabe now have over BiSH as they are on a major label. Must he get the major label approval now about songs and so on?

    • BiSH is not Anti-idol at all lets be real here, they are very much idols their branding just makes it seem like they are something different. just think of the whole “alt” or “anti” thing as you would any other gimmick, used when its beneficial for them and tossed aside when its not, at the core this is all still very much idol.

      • This hits the nail on the head for me; yeah, you’ll have your legitimate anti-idol formations here and there, but idol’s a performance thing; that’s why I didn’t want to overly focus on the style (which is pretty manufactured) and instead wanted to go for an emphasis on rock sound. If they’re going real alt and they aren’t BiS and it’s not 2012, chances are that it’s going to be mostly expressed in the music, anyway.

    • As for the anti-idol thing RamenShuriken already said it, basically it’s an image thing – anti-idol was never really a real thing.

      As for Brats, they aren’t idols they are a rock group so they aren’t expected to go meet with the fans.

      • I’m aware of anti-idol is just a image. But if they actually have that image they should at least do it whole heartily. It becomes just false otherwise. Even ordinary idols are then even more honest as they at least do their idol image 100%.

        Well the music is what comes first. But still most artist in almost every genre of music have a image. But being Idol its even a bigger thing. It’s kinda a part of the package. So when I first discovered most anti-idols not being that anti and tossing that image so easily away. I was kinda disappointed. Perhaps its the old punk in me that reacts. But I can forgive them still.

        One could basically be 100% anti-idol as well. At least one can do well without the fan service also. Like Babymetal doesn’t do it and the girls haven’t even any social media to keep in touch with fans. Basically Babymetal is kinda more anti-idol even if they never proclaimed having that as their image 😀

        Yes true Brats are a rock band also. But they are still marketed as idol, with Rei as center figure and sadly the other more in the background. The fans seem to even expected them to do idol fan service.

  2. Anime OP or ED….
    Didn’t that suppose to be too fast for they? I mean timeframe from they go to Avex and now they get that. I dunno I just get mixed feeling about this one, that’s good for their exposure but on same time another “pop” song will come from them.

    Nah as long as not Teddyloid remix, God Monster remix from him quite awful

  3. So I remembered the Whack audition thing was going on and checked it out and Aina was singing Plastic 2 Mercy, that’s impeccable timing.

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