Why Yes, I Will Take Some Fresh le biglemoi, Please and Thanks

Well, maybe not fresh le biglemoi, but certainly fresh video of le biglemoi:

That’s nice. That’s Thursday Hurtsday-worthy, insofar as a week as wacky as this one can even be bothered to try to keep up with its highly contrived themes! Still.

By the way, what would we call this? It’s more, uh, rock-y than idorock, and it’s not that far removed from something that you might hear from a legit rock unit like Himekyun Fruit Can (sigh), and it’s like right on the cusp of being metal (including a breakdown!) without ever quite going all the way over … I dunno. Maybe just like it because it’s loud and good and has a hell of a hook in the chorus. Because idol.

Oh and for the record, because le biglemoi is part of RIZE, there’s a good amount of Choque! video in the recommendations if you’ve played your cards right prior to looking at this on actual YouTube instead of just the embed, and that made me sad for a minute until I realized that Kitakaze might’ve done a song a lot like this once upon a time, and that’s pretty cool — maybe le biglemoi will dust off “Girls in the War” or something and fill me with self-satisfaction.

Update: Get the single!