From the Depths of Relative Hell, New NECRONOMIDOL

While preparing for that class I’m teaching last night, I was looking through my YouTube playlists and noticed something strange — the videos from the Necroma 24 had all been deleted. How strange! I thought. Perhaps the event’s specialness was being preserved by Ricky. Perhaps he forgot to lay the proper enchantments upon the cameras, and the recordings of such vile evil were bound to deteriorate out of sheer attrition in the epic battle between darkness and light. It could’ve been anything!

But then the cat was let out of the bag this morning; a new NECRONOMIDOL video, you guys!

“ABHOTH” is from the “DAWNSLAYER” maxi single, and it follows in the fine tradition of “Lamina Maledictum” in being a NWOBHM song set up via a clips video. Also, in that it’s dope as hell. Also-also in that anybody who isn’t at LIQUID tomorrow, but could be, will in fact have their soul fed to Apep, who Risaki keeps in her bedroom closet.

Why “relative hell,” you ask? Because while every member of the group is no doubt perfectly comfortable in every environment from the grave to Literal Christian Hell itself, plus various parallel dimensions and timestreams and R’lyeh itself, just deigning to assume human form, no matter how briefly, must be a struggle for beings of such immense darkness, and to keep that up for at least 24 hours? Come on.