Hey, Bakuon Dolls Syndrome Is Still a Thing!

Well if this wasn’t a neat little surprise — while cruising Twitter last night, I came across a screen capture of an idol’s birthday (you know, the balloons and stuff), and thought AW HOW NICE WHO ACTUALLY IS THAT, so click -> read -> “oh it’s one of the Bakusyn members!”

And you know what that means — time to see what, if anything, Himari’s old group is/was up to!

Why, that’s … actually, it’s several months old, but I’ll be honest and say that I hadn’t thought about Bakusyn since Himari left to join Necroma, which is kind of a shame-on-me thing because I always openly and unabashedly enjoyed their work prior to that. It’s just, you tend to see these things and expect the worst, you know? There’s a track record.

But no, Bakusyn’s still trucking along, with I believe the same two members left after last year’s departure, and they’re doing steady gigs:

I looked for some indication of a single or something potentially coming down the pipe, but alas, I don’t think their website exists anymore and Twitter’s just schedules and stuff. But hey look — Bakuon lives!

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