Meet the Newest Member of NECRONOMIDOL

The New Dark Age is impending, friends, and NECRONOMIDOL is preparing us. As you can see in the banner (and more clearly in their new artist photo), they’re back to a quintet and appear to be ready for some good ol’ fashioned sacrilege.

Japanese black metal darkwave idol group Necronomidol

And who might that rather elegant-looking mistress of the damned opposite Risaki be?

Her name is Tsukishiro Himari. Just from these photos, she’s the one who’d be really pleasant if you found yourself in Necroma’s crypt headquarters after your car broke down on a dark and stormy night near the creepy old cemetery. She’d offer you a drink, something to eat. And you’d think, the hospitality in here is really something, but why is the meat so raw-tasting, and what exactly is in this cup, and who are these people who live in this place, anyway? And she’d just smile at you the whole time to let you know that it’s all okay, why don’t you stay the night?

Basically, she’s the reason that Sari winds up covered in your blood for the promo photos. Can’t wait to see her live!

“A New Dark Age Dawns” will be Thursday at Rokumeikan. It’s Himari’s first performance, and Necroma’s also promising a new look, new songs and announcements for what 2017 will bring (the answer, thankfully, is not the Apocalypse; I’ll settle for “album and international touring”).

little UPDATE: I saw after this went official that I’m already following Himari on Twitter, which means that she’s idoled in our sick world before. Fortunately, her old tweets weren’t discarded (the afterlife is after life, after all), and now I know who she is and doing the math to connect timelines across groups and cities would completely warm my heart if it weren’t currently in the icy grip of the undead.

5 thoughts on “Meet the Newest Member of NECRONOMIDOL

  1. That update really hyped me up. There might not be any good news from Bakuon Doll Syndrome, but Necroma seems to deliver!

  2. Back in the office today, ready to follow the *important* news of the world once more. And some folks start their day with the newspaper… Pffft!

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