It’s a Friday Fun SiS Special Edition!

It’s that time of week again! Last week you guys did some ugly album covers. Some of them were outright terrifying! And it even inspired a whole new challenge, so maybe we could try that in a future Fun? What do you think?

My personal favourite was @PleiadesRising’s touchpad-drawn recreation of Makai Shinju so as promised… good job! That Pikarin haunted my dreams for days!

Now, I might have hinted this in a previous Friday Fun a few weeks back.

You know what ultra-important event took place this week? Guess.

It was only the one year anniversary of last year’s Letdown Of The Year, SiS’s unexpected disbandment and my subsequent Twitter meltdown! We need to do something to commemorate such an important incident in Homicidol history, right?

I warned you guys. I warned you.

It’s time for another Watanabe Friday Fun.

Look, I said I wouldn’t do this for the rest of the year, but the temptation was too much. Plus I’m sure some people are still reeling from the Pour Lui mess, so isn’t now as good a time as any to lash out at the supervillain of idol management once more?

You know how Watanabe always inserts himself into group shots?

Why, he’s even showing up in the official merchandise like he’s an actual member, that cheeky scamp!

Some would find it charming. Others find it mildly annoying. Let’s cater to that side, shall we? I’m totally not biased.

Let’s censor ol’ sexy specs once and for all!

That’s right, this week I want you to take all those Watanabe photoboming pics and find new and hilarious ways to erase him out of them! Two Friday Funs in a row that require picture editing, ain’t I a stinker?

Tweet your creations with #CensoringWatanabe while I find new ways to get Homicidols personally blacklisted by all WACK associates.

Thank you, Kerrie

For the record, I believe that the actual blacklist began last year when I pestered Junjun on three platforms about why the planned interview with Pour Lui fell through literally out of nowhere


5 thoughts on “It’s a Friday Fun SiS Special Edition!

  1. There is only one producer greater than Junnosuke Watanabe, only one better at marketing and wringing every dollar out of poor saps. That man would be KOBA-METAL.

    Maybe you should pick on him too. Or are you scared???

    😛 😛 😛

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