The Masks Are Off; Now It’s Time to See What EMPiRE Can Do

I guess Watanabe got bored with waiting for the magical 15,000-follower-per-member threshold to be met, or he changed the rules on the fly again, or Avex ran out of patience, or something, because here’s your EMPiRE, unmasked:


I saw Midoriko first and wondered if how she was photographed would be indicative of what the group’s overall look would be like:

But I guess not. I’m sure that we’ll see soon enough.

This is where I’m left, though: After an annoyingly, unnecessarily (and unnecessary!) long campaign to manufacture interest in the project, is whatever WACK and Avex have planned worth it? You want to say, nbd, no pressure, it’s just idol, but major labels don’t work with technically-indie producers on a joint launch without some expectation of results. And frankly, now that the whole alt thing has become so run-of-the-mill as to be capable of a launch with major label support, I’d say that the angle has no choice but to be quality, because there isn’t much left for anybody to do that can get attention just on the weirds. How it all shapes up will be as good an indication of the efficacy of what Pour Lui built as anything since BiSH debuted two and a half years ago.

Good luck to you, EMPiRE. I want you to succeed. You’re also now officially the canary in the alt-idol coalmine.