Your Homicidols Weekender #46

Good morning, ya goofballs! I’m in a pretty solid mood today. For starters, the Fun is absolutely incredible and you should a) check it out and b) participate. Also, that why-did-I-agree-to-this class of mine is this afternoon — if you’re in the Greater Capital Region and have ever wanted to pelt me with rotten eggs, this is your big chance!

Hell of a Weekender, by the way. And has anybody else noticed that we’re rapidly closing in on the anniversary? I WONDER IF ANYTHING SPECIAL MIGHT HAPPEN!

You’re a Jerk, Maniac

If you wanted to know what Babymetal‘s SSA show was like:

If you have a heart at all, you’ll love this project from Desu.Rabbits, as narrated by Yuzu:

When a Wall of Death and a chicken fight collide at a Checkmate gig:

Prog rockers Kiss & Hug EXTREME:

I love Rino tweets:

Bonnou Paradox will be reduced in half:

Dots debuted a new one:

I can think of no more pointless, contradictory product than PassCode vinyl, and yet of course I want it:, who are better than any of us, did a gig in Malaysia:

Have I mentioned DAIDAIDAI’s DVD yet?

You’ve seen NECRONOMIDOL’s glory, yes?

Ladybeard’s cosplay goes in some weird directions:

RABBITS Lab dropped this sweet track, which is freely available to download:

A group you may have never heard of, MOLES AND THE SUN, are having their last live:

That Broken By The Scream record will be available internationally:

Rin really is one of the best follows on Twitter:

When senpai notices:

Did you see the new one from Oomori Seiko, starring Rei?

Ladybaby, for their part, were on this show:

This new one from NOMAKES is all the weird:

Have a super weekend!

There isn’t enough bleach in the world to get that chorus out of your head

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  1. What is bad about a vinyl record?

    Anyway, thanks for the mention of xoxo(Kiss&Hug) EXTREME. Found a new group to check out.

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