PLICPROCK Updated a Classic of Theirs

I don’t know if it requires particularly in-depth anything, and I was tempted to find another use for the video, but those of you who might be new to this whole thing and/or haven’t had a good chance to give PLICPROCK a good chance might appreciate their release of a … actually, it’s interesting:

“Jinkou Kanjou” was originally released two years ago as part of the group’s emergence from a series of mishaps as Parallel Japan, who just never could get too much traction whether as true indies or working with Daichi or otherwise, but they’ve steadily built a nice fan presence for themselves and are starting to get a little more recognition for the quality of their work.

For this one, they worked with fans to recreate the original video, right down to nearly duplicating a lot of the shots (that is, angles and foci and stuff, not the setting or outfits or even the dance necessarily). It’s pretty cool to compare to the original:

And now the only excuse that you can have for not getting more into PLICPROCK is that you have terrible taste and are therefore an awful human being!