I Have a Suggestion for the Next Subtitling Project

Somebody hurry up and call boans and tell him to book that person who did the YMM and BRGH movies, because we’re going to need some dang translation and subtitling with a quickness.

A new WACKumentary, this one focused on BiSH instead of the nasty, brutish and short history of SiS, will be upon us in no time:

Here’s the trailer:

Hold on to your butts. I do hope, though, that this doesn’t obviate the late-year album that I was hoping for, as of course there was going to be a late-year item of some sort for sale.

4 thoughts on “I Have a Suggestion for the Next Subtitling Project

  1. The translator who was set to do the YMM movie disappeared! The forum member that was organizing still has the funds (I hope) but I haven’t heard a thing about that project in months 🙁

    On a more positive note, I found somebody willing to help with the MOSHPIT documentary (featuring Oyasumi Hologram), and that’s happening now although I haven’t started crowdfunding for it yet…

    As always: If anybody is (or knows) a translator who would be interested in taking on a project like this, please get in touch! I want to see the SiS thing, the BiSH thing(s), and the fansubbing white whale that is the BiS Cannonball Run…
    Sometimes I feel like I’ll learn to translate it myself before I find a translator 🙁

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