This Is an Under Beasty Update

Who doesn’t like Under Beasty? Well, among those of you who know who they are, at least. Everybody likes UB! What’s not to like about a literally self-made unit that got picked up by a mid-major agency and just keeps on plugging away, and tends to have some pretty nice music to boot?

That’s what I thought.

So! They very conveniently shared a chunk of their live yesterday via Periscope right around the time that I went sniffing after them because, hey, it’s been a minute since the last Under Beasty post.

periscope live!

That’s neat. They’re actually a tremendous follow on Twitter, if you’re so inclined, because I don’t know if any idol unit in history has been as freely giving of its live performances over digital media, and you can kind of keep up with the various comings and goings and releases as long as you have a tolerance for butt tons of redundancy. “Why yes, I would like to see another 30 second clip of ‘Black Jet’!”

Also, as proof that they’re cool, here’s some performance of their latest, “love pain”:

Remember “love pain”?

And I’ll also draw your attention to the banner here and their general look in these videos, in which is depicted their look, which over the years has morphed from idol-meets-biker to PassCode-meets-Karen-Girl’s to … well, PASSPO-meets-secretary? Idol-meets-Amish? Whatever. What’s most important is that Yua ditched the tiny, tiny hats in favor of some cool braids —

— and also I have no idea who like half of these girls are anymore.