Zenkimi Released Their Update to ‘Untitled Choir’; Album Watch Is On!

That sneaky, sneaky braintrust at Codomomental managed to head-fake the world this morning by first putting out news about a bunch of new media appearances for their Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da flagship, then offering up a surprise in the form of the first song from Kaqriyo Terror Architect; despite the impending release of Egoistic Eat Issues, one could be forgiven for thinking that the teased noontime announcement would be … well, anything. It could even be a boat video!

But which one? Try an old favorite.

A totally different spin from the original, isn’t it? I’ll admit to being partial to the original, with its tale of love and life lost, because that was a hell of a gut punch at a time when exactly what was this whole Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da thing was still open to interpretation (on that glorious spring day, the answer became “dark as all hell”).

Still, there’s nothing wrong with reissuing a fan favorite and giving it a video update that shows off the members a little more. You may have noticed that Zenkimi videos clock in with hundreds of thousands of views now*; a bigger, fresher, expanding audience might appreciate that kind of service, and there’s no better way to update canon than to straight-up update it, rather than retconning like a lot of groups do. (The original is still online, for what it’s worth.)

Now give me some video for one of those Yotsu-goes-Shidare joints, and I’ll be a very happy man.

*This is astonishing for an indie; there are idols on major labels who can barely break into five digits.