Watch Out! Sola Sound Has Appeared

Yep, more new idols! Or, in this case, not so much new as new to us.

Meet Sola Sound (Twitter | Facebook!). Their online lifespan goes all the way back to March, and it looks like they debuted in May. Three members, doing kind of a PassCode Lite sound, with a little of the edgy kawaii presentation, and a website that looks a lot like NEVE SLIDE DOWN’s … holy shit, has We-Bstudio colonized?(no)

I did some looking around for video; the website looks like it should have some, given the video playing behind the scenes on the home page, but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if they have any obviously available, and searching YouTube for “sola sound” plus common related terms just turns out a bunch of guitar pedal demos and the like. But! They have another track on Soundcloud:

That one’s less hard

I want to know about you, Sola Sound! I want to see video so I can embrace the madness that I very much want you to put on live.d