I Can’t Help but Share the Newest from Oomori Seiko

I was super busy yesterday, gang, to the point that I was still at the ol’ office until a couple of hours after closing. I’d warned the usual suspects that I wasn’t going to be able to be very chatty, and I even turned off my Gchat notifications (which, if you know me, WHAT). It was awful. The only thing to do was to queue up some Bandcamp and Soundcloud favorites and get through a butt-ton of work.

Just before leaving, I decided to take a quick look at Twitter. I’m very glad that I did!

For the uninitiated, that’s Oomori Seiko, living legend and “patron saint of idols.” And, for once, I’m going to go out of my way to talk about a release of hers.

See, Oomori Seiko, she’s this unique musical creature. Her career has been all over the place, and very deliberately so, and she’s like this wonderful creative monster who pretty much can and will do whatever she wants. Songs like this? Not rare! But the thing is, I’ve always strayed from her path for the simple reason of: idol or not idol? With Seiko, the answer, just like with YKG, is “yes.”

It really doesn’t matter with people like her, labels and roles and all of that — she’s Oomori fucking Seiko, and she craps out more talent and influence than half of the projects that ever normally do cross these pages. I always figured that, a few loose references aside, I’d never really want to point toward her too much outside of the Legends series that still may or my not happen.

But, meantime and everything, just enjoy this. Enjoy her.