I Am Putting out a Bounty for Sola Sound Video

Help me sleuth, friends. Have you ever encountered Sola Sound? This is their lone appearance on this site, about a year ago, when they were fairly new; other than some Soundcloud action, there is naught but any kind of real indication of their sound, performance style, etc. I look them up every couple of weeks or so, always curious, like hey, maybe they put some live video on YouTube! And nothing.

Until when I looked yesterday! They were at @JAM (which I knew, but mostly discounted), and they got to do one of those little video promos:

THIS IS LITERALLY THE ONLY VIDEO CONFIRMATION THAT I HAVE EVER GOTTEN OF THEIR EXISTENCE. And it’s not like they’re totally nobody; they were part of the @JAM undercard, ffs, and here’s them partying with mistress and payrin’s and Spark Speaker and others:

So there must be video out there, somewhere. Something. Anything. I MUST HAVE IT. If you manage to find anything out there in Internet Video Land, I’ll buy you a Coke.