I Will Do Everything in My Power to Promote the Success of Arrow Heart

Man, remember this from a few months ago? The beyond-young idols doing heavy+ who-knows-what with the suicidal imagery and approximately zero fucks to give, as demonstrated by their my-neighbor’s-kid-knows-HTML-and-built-me-this website?

Arrow Heart. So lo-fi it hurts. They tweeted out their demo, “Give You Love,” which has been living in obscurity on YouTube for almost six weeks:

It’s debuting in, like, many more weeks, and I share it here and now because why not, it’s got a great high school garage band quality to it and — who made this comparison before? — sounds like a very early version of Fruitpochette.


Arrow Heart seems to do this Dawn of Idol thing pretty much on the reg, and this is from the other day. Watch it. Up there on that stage are two girls (possibly the two youngest of the trio, with a cumulative age of barely old enough to drink), singing with live mics and putting more into their dance routine than many do … for seven fans. Seven. Fans. Seven dudes who honestly don’t even seem like they’re there for the performance, maybe just out for a beer at the local idol bar or whatever, and then this song happens and … you’ll love the moment when it’s like OH YEAH WHAT and those seven guys put some gusto into their spectating.

This one’s more like from the BRGH collection, but that’s fine!

From about a month ago. Outfits closer to “official,” a few more fans, possibly not even the same two girls, still going for it:

Some of these videos haven’t even been viewed in the double digits at the time that I’m sharing. I can say honestly that the counter of their website says that I’ve been the last three visitors they’ve had. Where are your fans?

They’re managed by the Yabuki Band Federation, which I think is exactly what it sounds like, and they have an idol project called ShuN-R@n GIRLS, and Arrow Heart is a subunit of that. ShuN-R@N is pretty decent as far as “normal” idol goes. They have a slightly larger online footprint. I do not understand how it is that the end result for Arrow Heart is so low-budget. I love this, its spirit, its earnestness. They barely even have quality photography online, and that’s like the easiest thing to have!

Arrow Heart, if you read this, there’s a weird American guy with an idol fan website who likes what you’re doing and seriously wants you to succeed and will try to make others see the light, too. Please don’t stop what you’re doing. If you want help (that’s exclusively in English and on a 13-hour time difference in a country where maybe 10 people know who you are), just say the word.

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