PiGU’s Dark Side Is Something Else

What a pleasant surprise! Well, let me draw that back a little bit — the fact that PiGU dropped a full-on MV for their new single is a pleasant surprise. And the song is really good! You don’t usually expect “heavy” for the PiGUs of the world, but anybody can add some extra drum kit or tune things down a little, stick to minor keys, etc., when the situation requires, and it’s not like PiGU hasn’t ever gone toward the dark side before.

That being said, what the heck is going on with “DAY”?


I have questions.

  • Is that how it works at POP iD? You walk in looking for a balm to your worries, and there’s PiGU, ready to rock out a little just for you?
  • Do Japanese people walk around with those glow sticks on the off chance that they need to wotagei a little?
  • I hadn’t noticed that my dude here was carrying, the revelation of which tells a very different story than “some twitchy cat experienced a PiGU live and resolved that life had reached its apogee”
  • That’s a statement, not a question
  • Did it again
  • Okay, so why was the guy carrying a gun? Was he going to off himself anyway but needed a Coke and to experience the Keikarin and Rinka Show in the flesh first?

All in all, a very homicidols day! Good job, PiGU. You’re kind of on a roll anymore.

2 thoughts on “PiGU’s Dark Side Is Something Else

  1. I was watching this thinking, “HEY, THAT DUDE IS ME! adoring PiGU all by myself” (though obviously there’s Maniac and more obviously all the guys that actually go to their shows and keep them going but apart from them…) but then it got to the end and I’m not likely to be doing THAT, not before I’ve finally heard their album anyway.

    Hey, did you know that PiGU’s sister group is debuting on Saturday? They are called CECIL and bizarrely feature both Keikarin and Rinka along with 3 other girls. And this is not even the same as “Emotinal Resque” the temporary PiGU side-project mentioned in the Weekender, consisting of, uh, Keikarin and Rinka.

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